49,95 /month

Semi-custom competition program.

Professional, demanding and consistent programming.
More than 10 years building athletes from 0.

We design your program based on your needs, goals as an athlete and/or both material and physical limitations.

Recommended for demanding athletes who want to compete at a high level or want to go one step further and achieve a better version of themselves. Also for those who have some kind of limitation due to injury, schedules or physical material.

Program with weekly feedback with your assigned coach as well as access to the RX Standard programming, the reduced one and the free training blocks.

When you register you will receive an athlete test to know your availability for training, available material, your physical form and your mental state. Your coach will call you to get to know you better and set goals.

You will receive your personalized programming weekly.
This is an individual plan and does not include an invitation code.

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What it includes

  • Semi-customized competition program according to your goals.
  • Direct feedback with your coach.
  • Weekly schedule delivery
  • Publish your results.
  • Access to all 77 Feet programming.
  • Psychological accompaniment against injuries and adaptation of training.