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Pack x10 routines «Move» of 77 Feet

The image repeats itself every day. Hordes of athletes with green rubber bands hanging from racks and abmats on the floor ready to stretch. "I'm going to do a bit of mobility," they say. It is true and we have nothing against it, on the contrary, we defend it tooth and nail. But we believe that there is still a better way to gain mobility and that is by moving. Static stretching is a good tool to improve certain ranges of joint movement, that is undeniable, but can you imagine that you could also do it while coordinating all parts of your body in fluid, organic and natural movements?

Since 77 Feet we have been working this discipline successfully for some time, which we have called MOVE, in our center 77 Feet Academy. A practice that draws on many others such as Yoga, Ido Portal or Animal Flow and tries to apply it to the day to day of any athlete who wants to improve their mobility. Videos Instructed by our coach Carla Garriga.

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