Nor today, Tales from a Quarantine - eBook

Because sometimes, due to a strange relationship of events or ideas, wonders happen, some destined to mark a before and after in our lives, as in the previous case and others, simply, to gather a series of strangers and expose them to the greatest company they have never faced ...

On April 1, for reasons that are irrelevant and have nothing to do with literature, a date was blasted in my face: 23/04/20. At that time, the confinement was scheduled to end on the 14th, but it was not necessary to be very clever to see that it would not be so. Suddenly the fear of passing the confined Sant Jordi took hold of me and I called my friend and journalist Andrés Nef to propose something to him, whatever it was, to do in the event that Sant Jordi could not be celebrated. Days later they extended the confinement, as you know, but we were already muddied up to the armpits. We were going to publish a book.

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