CrossFit programming for boxes

Professionalize your business and ensure its future. We design the CrossFit programming for your box.
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Professionalize your CrossFit box

3 physical centers, an experienced team of certified CF-Level3 Coaches, and 10 years of experience.We provide a unique CrossFit program for boxes and training adapted to the needs of your box or fitness center.
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Secure the future of your crossfit box

Strengthen the future of your project

Our Box-Planning is the tool that guarantees effective training according to standards, improves your coaches or coaches, and helps you get happier athletes by offering them the best training experience.  
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How do we design the programming for your box?

We schedule and ship the complete weekly schedule each week. We design these schedules according to the needs of your box and those of your audience. We offer you complete programs that include:
  • Specific Warm Ups.
  • Standard programming.
  • Competition programming.
  • Stretching
  • Scaling options.
  • Execution monitoring for coaches.
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Why work with our CrossFit Pit Programming?

Our box-planning is an efficient, economical and fast solution to professionalize the CrossFit of your Box or Fitness Center and ensure the best experience for your audience and your professionals.

77 Feet HeadCoach and Impeller

From our own experience, we know that it is difficult to find the time and resources necessary to be able to offer a careful training schedule to your athletes and also to keep all the coaches trained and happy.We offer you training schedules designed with awareness and seeking excellence in every aspect to guarantee the best experience for your users and athletes.These schedules are designed by our certified CF-Level 3 Trainers ensuring compliance with all standards. With them, we also provide that additional training to coaches that will provide added value for the user experience of your project. 


A great tool to offer the best user experience and thus achieve loyalty in a happy and fit community.
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We call you and clear your doubts. We customize any aspect of the box-planning of your box in order to guarantee the best CrossFit planning that you can offer to your athletes.