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FCL Program


Get ready for the Fitness Challenge League with its FCL programming designed by Edu Garriga. A weekly schedule with accessory, active recovery and training periodization focused on FCL competitions and internal classification.

This program consists of a daily work volume of 1: 30-2: 30h for users of the Elite category and volume and load adaptations for RX and OPEN users, although everyone will have all the sections. In addition, both the strength phases and the planning cycles will take into account the dates of the FCL competitions, always giving the athletes to adjust their training when the date of one of the events where they compete approaches.

FCL Just Program
Each 30 days
Individual programming
Individual access to programming.
Access to comments.
✖ No coach feedback.


Do you have a team?
Hire JUST PROGRAM for teams here!

FCL Program + Feedback
Each 30 days
Individual programming
Individual access to programming.
Access to comments.
Feedback group with coach.


Do you have a team?
Hire PROGRAM + FEEDBACK for teams here!

What does the FCL PROGRAM offer?
  • A daily schedule of 5 days + 1 accessory and active recovery scheduled by the 77 Feet team.
  • Periodization of training focused on FCL competitions.
  • Adaptations for category RX and OPEN.
  • One WOD per week for FCL format teams, which may appear in League events.
  • An internal classification made up of 5 "Test WODs" published periodically in RX and Elite categories.
  • Access to an internal group of users of the FCL Program.
  • Option to qualify for the first individual event organized by FCL.
Why choose FCL PROGRAM?

It is a plan programmed by Edu Garriga and his team, focused on enjoying crossfit every day, especially when competing in teams. Obviously 90% of the work that is proposed in the "program" will be individual because in the end each athlete is different and we all want to find our best version to put it to the test in events.

This planning does not come alone, but is involved in FCL throughout the year so it is perfect to enjoy the 2022 season with your team. € 52 for the team version.

Aniol Ekai Crossfit

Perfect in essence

Logical and intelligent programming. The only schedule I use for my daily workouts.

Aniol Ekai
CrossFit athlete
2nd Fittest SPAIN 2019

Jelena Beckers crossfit

I take advantage of my time

It allows me to combine my work full time without neglecting my needs as a CrossFit competitor.

Jelena bekkers
CrossFit athlete

Helena Avendaño CrossFit

Train in a group

I share the 77Feet schedule with my partner for the same price. Training in a group is always better. Helps to get your maximum potential.

Helena Avendano
Spain Weightlifting Champion 2019
CrossFit athlete

Carlos A Rueda

Does not disappoint

If you are looking to raise your level of competition in CrossFit, this programming is a great starting point. Highly recommended.

Carlos A. Rueda
CrossFit Level 1 Coach
Head-Coach at Iron Box


Do you need more info?

Train with a schedule, balanced and tested by the CrossFit 77 Feet competition team with the possibility of sharing them with another person to get the most out of you. Shared suffering is the fastest way to get the best shape of your life.

We have never believed in schedules of more than € 50 that promise to be personalized but in which there is no relationship between coach and athlete. We believe in good, demanding and consistent programming combined with the strength of a good group / partner.

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